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Elastomer Rubber Lining History      

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved.
Elastomer began as an idea in 1972 led by Shri R. V. Bhirdikar and over the next four decades has become one of the leading names in the Indian rubber industry. Growing strength to strength, building experience and expertise in the areas of rubber lining, rubber rollers and rubber moulding, Elastomer’s core promise has always remained of providing world-class products being at the forefront of technology.
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Early Beginnings.

  • As early as in the 1970s, we brought to India technology that was novel and few could provide as we began with our rubber lining offerings. Having cemented a leading position in the realm of rubber lining, we have today diversified into rubber rollers, rubber moulding and are now taking great strides in rubber sheeting.



  • With the booming of our rubber lining, we left the urgent need for further diversification. This is where the addition of rubber rollers came into existence. Catering the needs of industries like steel, our investment in technology left the most effective. It helped Elastomer Lining further establish dominance over other aspects of the niche as well. Showcasing our plethora of offerings, including rubber sheeting and rubber moulding helped us to gain the right popularity within the industry. In other words, the diversification is the result of our dedicated team solely focused on utmost customer satisfaction.


Awards and Recognition.​

  • The concept of recognition still remains subjective to Elastomer Lining Works. Within our core, we have always strived to build niche specific products serving the right industries. Catering the needs, we always look forward to technological innovations rectifying the gap while offering top of the line products and services. Being awarded as the best company within the state, along with countless other recognitions, fortified our belief into good works.


Further Expansion.

  • Our idea for the perfect rubber products has truly proven to be loved by our customers worldwide. The implementation of further expansion happened while offering varieties of products catering to the needs of different industries. Bearing that in mind, Elastomer Lining is a product to open four more branches serving the right customers and partners. As of now, the end goal pertains, attaining a pinnacle in the rubber lining business. 

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