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Our Industrial Rubber Products

Elastomer caters to some of the best industrial rubber lining solutions for the customers. Starting from Rubber rollers, rubber moulding to our newest segment for rubber sheeting. 

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Rubber Lining

Being the core foundation of our business, Elastomer Lining Works offers rubber lining suited for all the industrial needs. For every repair work, our rubber lining has got you covered. 

Elastomer Lining Rubber sheetings

Rubber Sheeting

Elastomer Lining offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of rubber sheeting. Ranging from the most basic commercial compounds to high-industrial grade solution, we have just the right specification for our customers. 

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Rubber Rollers

Our wide range of rubber rollers is always the best fit for any multipurpose use. Neither less to say, our rubber rollers have gained acceptance from the steel and paper industry with constantly improving quality standards. 

A Complete Range of Our Rubber Products

Your one-stop solution for quality rubber products curated for every industry. 

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Sheet Rubber

Elastomer is the leading manufacturer of rubber sheets that are perfectly suitable for the basic commercial needs to meet high technical requirements. 

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Viton Rubber Sheets

Manufactured using DKM Fluoroelastomers, the nitrile nubber sheets offer exceptional resistance against oil and grease, offering protection against oil attacks.

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Water Proofing

Our diaphragm rubber insertion offers the perfect waterproofing solution for different industries—comprehensive protection using our waterproofing membrane. 

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Rubber Gasket Sheet

Made out of a mixture of synthetic as well as natural rubber sheets, they are designed in such a way to offer durability for years to come. 

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Anti-Skid Flooring

Anti-skid rubber mats can be used for different use cases. One of their primary objectives is to provide anti-skid functionalities to the floor. 

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EPDM Rubber Sheets

Are you working on adverse temperatures? Our EPDM rubber sheets can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 to +120 degrees Celsius, protecting against chemicals and solvents. 

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SBR Rubbers

Are you looking for complete protection against chemicals? SBR rubber sheet packs the mechanical properties that offer great flexibility. 

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