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Elastomer Lining Works offers one of the most comprehensive solutions for industrial rubber sheets. Ranging from the most basic commercial silicone gasket sheet to the highly technical sheets, our whole range of products is specifically curated for utmost customer satisfaction. Elastomer Lining offers highly innovative rubber sheeting solutions, having various certifications, including RoHS, CE, REACH, and PAH. Our dedicated team can also provide you with customized compounds pertaining to your requirements. 

Our natural industrial rubber sheet offers the right solution for all of your commercial needs. The silicone rubber sheet is well suited for any primary gasket, stripes, pads, and various sealing applications. The electrical rubber mattings are well suited to fight against corrosion, abrasion, and impacts. It can offer you an unmatched wear performance even in the most rigid environments. Our rubber mats for electrical safety offer a ton of versatility on the table. 

The EPDM rubber sheet is an excellent choice while working around adverse temperatures. Elastomer offers rubber sheets that can withstand a temperature range of -30 to +120 degrees Celsius. Above all, our reinforced rubber sheets offer the right protection against corrosive chemicals and solvents. Get in touch with Elastomer and avail the highest quality of rubber sheets the market has to offer.

Elastomer Lining Rubber sheetings

With strong chemical resistance against hydrochloric acid (33%), sulphuric acid (30%), phosphoric acid (85%), alkalis – sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide (40%) and neutral salt solutions, Elastobond C is a product that has been widely accepted and used by several industries. Additionally, it also is very heat resistant (up to 120°C) and can be used up to 90t continuously.

Our Offerings on Different Rubber Sheeting

Rubber sheets are inexpensive and offer a ton of versatility on the table. Due to its high tensile strength and insulation, it has found usage in various industries. Down below is a list of our entire range of offerings on rubber sheets: 

1) Insertion Rubber Sheet

Made out of reinforced single ply cloth, these rubber flooring sheets improve the tensile strength along with offering greater resistance against wear and tear as compared to any commercial rubber sheet. It is widely used in gaskets, toolbox lining, and workbenches. 

2) Viton Rubber Sheets

A Viton rubber sheet is manufactured using DKM Fluoroelastomers. These nitrile rubber sheets offer great resistance against oil and grease. Due to its superior built quality, it can easily be used as an oil shield. In fact, the NBR rubber sheeting can actually provide you with the right protection against any oil attacks. 

3) Rubberized Cork Sheet

The cork rubber sheet offered by Elastomer Lining Works is a completely different product on its own. Our creation has led to its distinctive characteristic of being light and flexible while being a stable material with great resistance at the same time. Our natural rubber sheets come in different sizes and thickness, offering the versatility of choice. Neither less to say, we always adhere to all the international standards. 

4) SBR Rubber Sheet

The SBR rubber sheet is solely manufactured to offer chemical resistance properties. If you are looking for the material that offers great flexibility and comes with mechanical properties, this is just the right fit for you. 

5) Rubber Gasket Sheet

We offer rubber gasket sheets made out of both synthetic as well as natural rubbers. The cork rubber sheet is specifically designed to offer durability over an extended period of time. It even packs the strength to withstand hydraulic pressure.


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