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About us

Elastomer is one of the leading names when it comes to the Indian rubber industry. The seed was planted back in 1972 by Mr. R. V Bhirdikar. Today, Elastomer Lining Works has achieved leadership status as one of the major exporters of quality rubber products, including Rubber sheets, rubber moulding, and much more. Based on technological advancements, Elastomer has always strived to provide top-notch quality products worldwide.

Being an early starter from the 1970s, we have discerning customers throughout the world. Bearing the name of Indian technology, we have become one of the largest contributors of rubber lining, rubber moulding, and even rubber sheeting.

The three generations’ worth of hard work and utmost dedication has resulted in what Elastomer is today. Consisting of a team of trained personnel, we have achieved global recognition for quality rubber products. Over the years, we have upheld our reputation based on customer satisfaction with total quality management.

Company Vision       

We here at Elastomer Lining always look forward to innovative technologies, and we can serve for the betterment of our customers. With our state-of-art-art rubber products, we strive to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Company Mission       

The values at Elastomer come forward from what our company always stands for. We are on a mission to become the largest rubber lining company with our standard golden line of products.

Our Approach

Make in India

Our business idea completely resonates with that of our ideas. Elastomer has always looked forward to making India one of the most prominent players within the market. The Make in India initiative gave us the right moral boost. Our Rubber Sheeting products are the personification of India’s self-sufficiency.

Starting from our manufacturing facilities to the technologies deployed, the sole purpose is to put India in front of the global platform.


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