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Rubber Lining:

Rubber Lining has been the core product, encompassing our business since foundation. Apart from offering rubber coated pipe and rubber lining of storage tanks, Elastomer Lining Works offers a comprehensive lining solution for almost every other metal surface. Our technical support exceeds all the rubber lining for all the industry needs. The top of the line installation and selection procedure ensures we cater to the right solution for all of your needs. 

Our metal fabrication process enables rubber lining to pipes, tanks, and many more. Based on the requirement of the product, Elastomer also offers a wide section of external paint systems and coating. We also manage the overall pick-up and delivery of the parts. We heavily rely upon Elastobond C as our primary bonding agent. Providing strong grinding and machining properties, Elastobond C offers a ton of versatility on the table. 

Here at Elastomer Lining, we offer an EPDM lining solution that is strongly chemical resistant. Elastobond C is heavily relied upon by various industries. Our rubber lining also makes great heat resistance, meaning you can get the right protection all around the year. With our final inspection, you can be rest assured to get the perfect compliance, specifically curated for your project requirement. 

With strong chemical resistance against hydrochloric acid (33%), sulphuric acid (30%), phosphoric acid (85%), alkalis – sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide (40%) and neutral salt solutions, Elastobond C is a product that has been widely accepted and used by several industries. Additionally, it also is very heat resistant (up to 120°C) and can be used up to 90t continuously.

A Complete List of Our Rubber Lining

1) Natural Soft Rubber Lining 

Made out of poly soft rubbers, these materials depict characteristics of low hardness, flexibility as well as high resilience. They are best suited for absorbing the impacts of abrasive forces during material handling. 

2) Hard Rubber Lining 

The large constituent of hard rubber lining includes poly hard rubbers. These rubber linings are chemical resistant, along with offering flexibility and better impact resistance. Our graphite-based rubber lining offers excellent temperature resistance. 

3) Synthetic Rubber Lining 

Some of our most commonly used synthetic rubber linings include: 

  • EPDM Rubber Lining: These rubber linings are highly tensile, along with offering great resistance to punctures and UV radiations. EPDM lining offers the versatility to be used in a wide variety of temperatures and terrains.  

Chloroprene Rubber Lining: Commonly made out of polyprene rubbers, they offer good protection against ozone cracking and weathering. They are best suited for desalination plants, lining solutions for water boxes, etc.

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