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Rubber Rollers:

After securing the strongholds in the rubber lining industry, Elastomer Lining Works further expanded into rubber rollers. With us, you can avail of a wide variety of rubber rollers to choose from. We are one of the leading manufacturers of ebonite rollers, brush rollers, pinch rollers, printing rollers, and much more. 

Using the right technology and material, we can properly curate the exact packaging you want. Elastomer offers varied rubber roller prices based on the different industrial requirements. Also, with our custom rubber roller solution, you can be rest assured to get the product that fits your requirement and application. Striving for the betterment, Elastomer always looks forward to providing top of the line quality products for its customers. 

Salient Characteristics of Our Rubber Rollers

We always strive to provide some of the most quality rubber rollers for our customers. Some of its salient characteristics include:  

  • Higher coefficient of friction.
  • It can easily return to its original state once the shape has been distorted. 
  • Provides greater resistance against chemical substances.
  • Complete protection to the roller core as well as the shaft. 
  • Prevention against damages caused due to scratching and bumping.
  • It can easily compensate for the small changes that might occur within the machine precision. 

Using sophisticated technology, we always strive to provide a better experience for our customers. Our focus lies within:

1) The Overall Performance of the Rubber Compound

Depending on the formulation of the rubber compound, the overall performance of the rubber roller varies. Elastomer uses the best quality of base polymer for each of the products. 


2) Finishing Precision 

Making the best use of the latest technology, every single roller gets the finest of cuts, with great precision. This is one of the keys determining factors, evaluating its quality. 


3) Stable Quality 

All of our rubber rollers offer unprecedented stable strength, uniform hardness along with the use of minimum foreign particles. It ensures durability, with years of usage. 


4) Roller Core Material and Structure  

We believe that a strong foundation is key to achieve a quality product that is preferred by the customers. Using the highest quality of core materials enables us to achieve the product we seek for. 


5) Proper Bonding Between Rubber and Core

With insufficient bonding, it can easily result in the core breaking off from the rubber. All of our rollers are perfectly curated after selecting it its application. 

How to Order Rubber Rollers from Us? 

There is various usage of rubber rollers based on the type of industry and its purpose. So, it is very important to order the rubber roller based on your specific purpose. This, in turn, contributes to the overall quality of the product, overall reduction on cost as its rationalization. So, while putting up your order, make sure to give us detailed information on what is your intended purpose with the rollers. You can also add the conditions under which the rollers are to be used. Adding references makes all the difference and enables us to properly curate the roller suited for you.


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